JSKA Karate Championship and Championship of Russia 12-15.11.2021г.


A set of documents for the JSKA Karate Championship and Championship of Russia 12-15.11.2021г.





Regulations on the technical seminar and qualification exams for 4 kyu-1 dan "age of participants up to 18 years.18.04.2021



Regulations on holding the cup of the" Union of Peoples " of the Samara region in setokan karate JSKA-RUSSIA 2021

JSKA (Japan Shotokan Karate Association) Competition Information Letter VI KEIGO ABE CUP 2021

REGULATIONS On conducting GASHUKU (training camps, technical and judicial seminars) "KARATE from A to Z" of the Japanese Association of Shotokan Karate (JSKA) of Russia

REGULATIONS on JSKA Interregional Karate Competitions "KEIGO ABE CUP" March 1-2, 2020

JSKA Competition Information Letter (Japan Shotokan Karate Association) KEIGO ABE CUP 2020

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President Shotokan Karate JSKA-RUSSIA

Россия Дранник (EN)
Drannik Aleksandr

Technical Director, Chief Instructor JSKA-RUSSIA

Россия Сизов (EN)
Sizov Sergey

Executive Director JSKA-RUSSIA

Россия Бегунов (EN)
Begunov Ruslan

Chairman of the College of Judges JSKA-RUSSIA

Россия Столбовой (EN)
Stolbovoy Maksim

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